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The FeatherShot Method is based on focus, faith and efficiency of movement

  • Maintaining hard focus on the bird during the “move, mount & shoot” sequence.
  • Having total faith in the instinctual thought process and not letting the analytical mind interfere.
  • Creating muscle memory that is efficient, compact and helps the instinctive mind gather information at lightning speed.                                                              


There is no one secret tactic that cures all and can be used in every game bird shooting scenario. Other sports that we have learned has shown we have the ability to make a split second decision as to what will give us best chance of success i.e. swinging a tennis racket, baseball bat or throwing a football just to name a few. The FeatherShot Method utilizes pull away, Churchill instinctive in it’s purest form and a refined version of swing through known as “butt, belly, beak, bang”. The shooter will learn in what instance each of these techniques shine and that the difference is no more than a microsecond. The FeatherShot Method footwork applied is a modified version of Robert Churchill that is designed to lend itself with the FSM philosophy. Once the FeatherShot Method becomes second nature, we finish with a proper gun fitting. This is the final component needed to make the shooter the best they can be.


In summary; once my FeatherShot Method is understood and learned, the sense of panic and the feeling of bird disconnect is gone and is replaced with absolute confidence.

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