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Researchers suggest that our brain's ability to detect and interpret subtle patterns and associations, even outside our awareness, forms the foundation of intuitive insights.


Intuition manifests itself in different forms, such as sudden flashes of insight, creative leaps, and a sense of certainty that defies logical explanation. It can guide us in making decisions, solving problems, and navigating complex situations with remarkable accuracy.


On the other hand, instinct operates on a more primal level. It’s deeply ingrained in our biological makeup, honed through countless generations of evolution. Instinctual responses are automatic, almost reflex-like reactions that serve as adaptive mechanisms for survival and protection.


Instincts are hard-wired in our brains and are responsible for basic survival behaviors, such as fight-or-flight responses, parental instincts, and social bonding. They are rooted in our genetic heritage, designed to ensure our species' survival in the face of threats or opportunities.

Intuition & Instinct Combined

Intuition and instinct, despite their distinct characteristics, are intricately intertwined in our decision-making processes. While instinct provides the foundation of our survival instincts and basic behaviors, intuition adds a touch of creativity, insight, and adaptability to our actions.

Foundation For Intuitive/Instinctive Shooting            

  • Maintaining hard focus on the bird during the “move, mount & shoot” sequence.
  • Having total faith in your gut reaction and not letting the analytical mind interfere.
  • Creating efficiency of movement through deliberate practise and building high quality muscle memory.

In summary; once my NaturalShot Method is understood and learned, the sense of panic and the feeling of bird disconnect is gone and is replaced with absolute confidence.

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