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Admiral Mason Campaign-Style Folding Gun Rack

The Admiral Mason gun rack is an elegant solution to a common problem: Where do I place my firearms in the field without damaging them? Tree trunks and fence posts are good ways to scratch your gun. Heavy dew and soggy leaves don’t help. Even back at camp, a wooden bench or a porch rail often seem like the best options.

Built in solid New England cherry, brass hardware, and heavyweight veg-tan leather, the Admiral Mason is engineered to store firearms to true outdoorsmen’s standards. The hand-stitched leather barrel rests eliminate the possibility of scratching, and the cantilevered design ensures that your guns will not slip nor blow over in the wind.

At only 12 pounds, the Admiral Mason is the not only the elegant solution, but the convenient one. In true campaign fashion, this gun rack folds completely flat, and utilizes brass snaps to prevent it from opening during transport. 

The Admiral Mason is proudly built to order by Indian River Campaign in West Pawlet, Vermont. This product is offered exclusively by Wild Surroundings.

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